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[Updates] Yumi Ragnarok Online

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 5:14 pm
by Administrator
April 15,2018 Updates

Bug Fixes:
Vending using Cash Point

What's New?

Mission Board
Stalker NPC
Cash Converter
Players Skulls on death can be sold for 500m each or submit at Mission Board
[Note that if you were caught feeding in pvp to gain skulls might lead you to ban]

10% Chance to gain 10 Cash Coin in Devil Square
Moved MVP Arena
MVP Boss Minimum HP to 5m
Emperium HP to 10m

[Updates] Yumi Ragnarok Online

Posted: June 24th, 2018, 4:45 pm
by Administrator
April 21,2018 Updates

Bug Fixes:
Asgardian Axe Cart Termination - Item Script
Mission Board Quests
WOE not starting normally

Adventurers Guild Monster Hunting-
-New Elemental Sword 500 Points
-Gold Coin from 70 to 50 Points
-Silver Coin from 7 to 5 Points
-Special Enchant Stone from 50 to 15 Points
-Witch Refine Scroll from 250 to 200 Points
-Added Bunch of Skills at Stalker NPC

[Updates] Yumi Ragnarok Online

Posted: June 24th, 2018, 4:46 pm
by Administrator
April 24,2018 Updates

No more Story Quest
All Equip Items are now at Adventurers Guild
Turquiouse and Agate needed for Aura and Wing is halved.
Biotite and Valhalla Requirerement from 25 to 10
1000 Dokebi's at pay_fild10

Blue A Cards can be exchanged now to Z card for 25 A Card.
Exchange Enchant Stones for Better Enchant Stone at Enchant NPC

[Updates] Yumi Ragnarok Online

Posted: June 24th, 2018, 4:46 pm
by Administrator
May 24,2018 Updates

Paladin HP reduced by 10%
Knight HP reduced by 5%
Asura Damage reduced by 25%(This is not yet final, it might change sooner or not)
Revert Back Ghostring Card from 10% Neutral Damage taken to Original 25% Neutral Damage Taken
Accessories Price Increased from 15,50,125 to 30,70,150 CC
Weapon Improvements:
Asgardian Sample-
[Old Weapon Script]
+0 to +10 = 0%, 0%, 0%, 0%, 0%, 15%,30%,45%,60%,75% Damage to All-Race
[New Weapon Script]
+0 to +10 = 8%,16%,24%,32%,40%,48%,56%,64%,72%,80% Damage to All-Race

Costume Garment Bags that gives Weight
1. Adventurer Bag + 1.5k Weight
2. Poring Bag + 2.5k Weight
3. Amistr Bag + 2.5k Weight
4. Antonio Bag + 4k Weight

Defense Type Accessories
1. Adventurer Accessories Set
2. Lunar Stellar Accessories Set
3. Guardian Accessories Set

Costume Upgrading -
Costume upgrading is like upgrading your armors/weapons.. however it's not elunium or oridecon, instead it is Gemstones of Stats.

[Updates] Yumi Ragnarok Online

Posted: July 20th, 2018, 3:09 am
by Administrator
July 20,2018 Big Update

What's New!?
-Updated Gepard from Version 2.0 to 3.0
-Max of 3 Clients per player.
-Server Upgrade. From 100mbps to 120mbps.
-Added Aura -Multiple Choice of Aura's (the level 99 aura).
Exclusive Custom Aura Donate 50$.
Guild Exclusive Custom Aura Donate 100$.
-Added Change Name Color.
Custom Color Donate 10$.
-Battleground 2.0!!~ :D
-New Guild Skill (Guild Storage Expansion). now @gstorage wont be able to use without this
-Guild Storage Permission to Position is now fully working
-Added Maps on Guild Castles and Instances.

-VIP Drop Rate from 50% to 25%
-Max Guild Member From 50 to 35
-King Poring Respawn Time from 12 hours to 6 Hours at pay_fild04 and now can be convex.
-Guild Dungeon Boss Respawn Time from 1 Hour to 2 Hours
-Added Skillls for Guild Dungeon Bosses
-Changed Attributes for Guild Dungeon Bosses
-Monsters Respawn Rate from 2x to 1.5x
-Increased Character Slot from 9 to 12

-Added New Items At YumiRO Shop
-Added More Items at Event Shop
-Changed Some Stat Foods at Supply Shop to prevent it from losing after dying
-Cold Medicine Recovery From 25% HP/SP to 15% HP/SP
-Thara Frog is reduced from 30% to 15% when using Bow
-Horn Card is reduced from 35% to 20% when using Bow
-High Wizard Card reduced Ignore Mdef from 100% to 50%
-Eclipse Accessory Set From 7% to 10% [Atk/Matk]
-Luna and Stella Necklace Set From 5% to 7% [Atk/Matk]
-Dragon Rings Set From 3% to 5% [Atk/Matk]
-Adventurer Accessory Set From 3% All- Elem Resist to 3% Reduce Damage
-Stellar and Lunar Accessory Set From 5% All-Elem Resist to 5% Reduce Damage
-Guardian Accessory Set From 8% All-Elem Resist to 7% Reduce Damage
-Spike Weapon from reduce 2/3 Defense to 1/2 Defense
-Adventurer Katar from Sonic Blow Damage +20% to Attack Rate +15%
-Midgard Katar from Sonic Blow Damage +40% to Attack Rate +30%
-Asgardian Katar from Sonic Blow Damage +60% to Attack Rate +45%
-Poring and Amistr Bag Weight Reduced from 2500 to 2000
-Antonio Bag Weight Reduced from 4000 to 3000
-Royal Knight's Aura From 20% Resist Status to 15%
-Valkyrie Barrier From 30% Resist Status to 25%
-Devil Wing From 5% Demi-Human Resist to 10% Demi-Human Physical and Magical Damage
-Added Level 2 Ignorance to Luna's Dagger and Attack Rate 10%
-Added Level 2 Spiritual to Stella's Dagger and Magic Attack Rate 10%
-Eclipse Blade From Level Ignorance and Spiritual to Level 3 and Atk/Matk Rate 15% With Element of Holy Property
-Reduced Ignore All Race Mdef from Spiritual Option from Custom Weapons:
[Lv.1 - Magical Damage to All-Race + (Refine*1) and Ignore All Race Mdef +(Refine*1)]
[Lv.2 - Magical Damage to All-Race + (Refine*2) and Ignore All Race Mdef +(Refine*2)]
[Lv.3 - Magical Damage to All-Race + (Refine*3) and Ignore All Race Mdef +(Refine*3)]

-Enabled Backslide in Guild Versus Maps
-Enabled Spread Attack and Full Buster when using Pistol
-Enabled Estun,Estin,Esma to hit Players for Soul Linker
-Disabled Loki's Wail in Guild Versus Maps
-Removed Shrink Skill from Paladin
-Defender Max Level From 5 to 3
-Double Casting Max Level From 5 to 3
-Full Buster Cooldown 1.5 Seconds
-Kaizel Cooldown 20 Seconds
-Kaupe / Kaite / Kaahi Cooldown to 2 Seconds
-Ka-Skills w/o Link to Players for Soul Linker
-Increased Storm Gust Damage by 150%
-Increased Meteor Storm by 50%
-Increased Lord Of Vermilion by 200%
-Increased Jupitel Thunder by 35%
-Increased Fire Pillar by 500%
-Increased Double Strafe Damage by 20%
-Increased Magic Crasher from +175% to 200%
-Increased Full Buster Damage by 100%
-Reduced Sonic Blow Damage to Monsters by 30%[This includes Auto SB Cards/Items]
-Reduced Sharpshooting damage by 10%
-Reduced Finger Offensive Damage by 10%

[Updates] Yumi Ragnarok Online

Posted: August 1st, 2018, 10:43 am
by Administrator
August 1,2018 Update

What's New!?
Added new Set called Freyja[This will not be sold through CC at YumiRO Shop for the 1st week]
Like and Share event at Facebook Page

You can now use Skills at Farm Area
Added Lighthalzen Bosses at Bloody Branch
Non-Boss Monsters Re-spawn 25% more faster than before
Devil Square now gives 5 Gold Coins instead of 25 Event Ticket. with 10% chance to get 10CC
War of Emperium Rewards from 10 Special Enchant Stones to 10 Cash Coins and 3 Gold Coins

Added new costumes at costume npc
Added new options at Headgear
~Reduce Cast Time
~Healing Power

-Mind Breaker Max level to 1
-Mind Breaker is now usable to self and allies.
-Fixed Sanctuary to heal 1/4 the power of your HEAL
-Improved Full Buster Damage from 100% to 150%

[Updates] Yumi Ragnarok Online

Posted: August 10th, 2018, 11:45 pm
by Administrator
August 10,2018 Update

Ragnarok Fact: Range Resistance items like Horn Card/ Noxious Card and Alligator Card can reduce magical damages too.

What's New!?
-Website Design
-New Costumes at Costume NPC [ You can Still Request Costumes found at RMS ]
-Added Resistance Capping - Main Reason is due to to Range resist affecting Magic Damages which will render 2 Types of Damage already
---[ Range and Magic = WIZ/PROF/SNIPER/GUNSLINGER/SOUL LINKER and other Class Range Skills e.g Throw Tomahawk and Spear Boomerang ]---
-For 2 Days.. Anyone who has a 10% Range Resist From Shield, use @request so that it can be converted into EES.
-Freyja Set at YumiRO Shop

-Disable use of YGG in PVP and GVG/WOE Area
-Max Element Resist still 100
-Max Melee Resist to 80
-Max Range Resist to 80
-Max Magic Resist to 80
-Max Range Magic Resist to 30
[Max Range Magic Resist is the maximum cap to reduce magical damage using Range Resist Cards/Items]

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Minstrel Suit crashing when used by male character
Minstrel Suit can now be only use by male characters
Wanderer Suit can now be only use by female characters

Throw Huuma Shuriken reduced by 10%

[Updates] Yumi Ragnarok Online

Posted: August 11th, 2018, 7:04 pm
by Administrator
August 26,2018 Update

Disabled Tarot card to remove FCP Buffs
Shield Chain force to neutral removed
Increased Arrow Vulcan Damage by 30%
Reduced Asura Damage from 25% to 50% against players
Reduce Sacrifice Damage by 10%
Body Relocation Delay 0.3 Seconds
Disabled Backslide on GvG

More Later

Re: [Updates] Yumi Ragnarok Online

Posted: December 13th, 2018, 4:58 am
by Administrator
December 14,2018 Update

Christmas Event Started!
New Costume Enchant System
Moved Stat Gemstone on Costume from Card slot 4 to Costume 1st Option
New Skill Enchantment on Costume 2nd Option
New Arathi WoW Battleground.
Enabled Castle Flags on Maintown to warp on Guild Dungeon and Guild Hall
Sarah Irine Npc at Adventurers Guild to exchange items from Guild Hall

Item Update:
NEW! Skill Gemstones - Normal and Special (All skill enchants are max to 10% except ASURA STRIKE 5%)
NEW! Princess Dagger - Auto-cast Esma after using Estun/Estin on enemy.
NEW! Elven-weaved cloth - to create a piece of Rufus equip
NEW! Freyja Magical Powder - to create a piece of Freyja equip
NEW! Devil Soul - to create a piece of Devil equip
NEW! Frost Giant Skin - to create a piece of Silmeria equip
Rufus shoes movement speed will now be affected by Decrease Agi

Stats Update:
Reduced Paladin and Champion HP by 10%
Reduced Lord Knight HP 5%
Increased Whitesmith HP by 5%
Increased Star Gladiator HP by 15%
Increased Soul Linker,Ninja,Gunslinger HP by 10%

Skill Update:
Double Strafe Damage reduced by 15%
Sharpshooting Damage reduced by 10%
Asura Strike Damage reduced by 15%
Finger Offensive Damage increased by 15%
Hunter Damaging Traps increased by 200%
Throw Huuma Shuriken Damage reduced by 15%
Ninja Elemental Skills increased by 100%
Added 2 Seconds Cooldown for High Jump

~Now Focusing on Battleground Updates~