some suggestions

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some suggestions

Post by ajiaji » September 26th, 2018, 11:18 am

1.) make the gold coin requirement to create a set cheaper, because it's impossible for newbies to farm gold quickly. rather than encouraging beginners to play the server on how easily obtainable the set requirements are, we are only discouraging them to play for the expensive cost needed to create a set. make the total cost to create a set the same price when farming area was disabled to encourage our new-players to play. if not possible for that to happen, we should just make the porings in farm area die in 1 hit. without fallen bishop card, eclipse rings, and an asguard staff, farming inside the farm area would be too slow.
2.) reduce the cost required to remove costume gems. for beginners, the gems they get directly goes straight to class C-A costumes. if they ever complete their gems, 80% of the time it would be compounded on a low class costume. paying 30b just to remove the gems would discourage them to even think about removing it.. maybe make the ratio of removing gems to 2 plat coin: 1 gem.
3.) give kill rewards to WoE participants. make the rewards percentage based per kill to encourage players to play WoE from the beginning and not wait until the end before they participate. if a player kills his enemy inside WoE then they get a reward. for example: 100% of the time they kill another player would give them blue C card, 25% would give them special enchant stone, 1% would drop witch refine scroll, and 0.50% would be ees.
4.) lastly, must quickly implement the hourly reward feauture from your aug 25 post, " ... p=139#p139." By implementing this update, players would play more and not @afk all the time and wait for WoE.

thats all

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Re: some suggestions

Post by syndrome » September 27th, 2018, 11:38 pm

agree with item 1 & 4. my 2 friends left this game after 1 week of playing. their comments: "gold coin"
other items im not yet qualified.
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Re: some suggestions

Post by Odin » September 28th, 2018, 6:51 pm

agree too and

-maybe increase the drop rates of enriched Ori and Elu in Mining area (10 took me ~2 hours with lvl 5)

-some special drops on golden porings would be awesome too, like bubblegum 0.05% for example

and i dunno if ppl still use sites like, and so one, but maybe the server could be listed there to gorw the community

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